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CentrePiece article
In brief...Road to recovery? Economic benefits of new infrastructure
Stephen Gibbons, Teemu Lyytikäinen, Henry Overman and Rosa Sanchis-Guarner July 2017
Paper No' CEPCP510:
Full Paper (pdf)

CentrePiece 22 (2) Summer 2017

JEL Classification: D24;O18;R12

Tags: productivity; employment; accessibility

New investment in roads can produce economic benefits, even in mature infrastructure networks like the UK’s, according to research by Henry Overman and colleagues. At the same time, they argue, improved evaluation of new UK road schemes is badly needed. New investment in transport infrastructure is seen as a key plank of a modern industrial strategy, and is central to many local economic growth strategies. This study looks at the impact of UK road investment on jobs.

This article summarises ‘New Road Infrastructure: The Effects on Firms’ by Stephen Gibbons, Teemu Lyytikäinen, Henry Overman and Rosa Sanchis-Guarner, SERC Discussion Paper No. 214.