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CEP Industrial Strategy Paper
Apprenticeships in England: what does research tell us? Sandra McNally
July 2018
Paper No' CEPIS02:
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Tags: apprenticeship; labour market;

CEP Special Report
Investing for Prosperity: Skills, Infrastructure and Innovation Philippe Aghion, Timothy Besley, John Browne, Francesco Caselli, Richard Lambert, Rachel Lomax, Christopher Pissarides, Nick Stern and John Van Reenen January 2013
Paper No' CEPSP28:
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Tags: gdp; innovation; infrasstructure; uk economy; skills; apprenticeships; education; government policy

CEP Discussion Paper
Networks in the Premodern Economy: the Market for London Apprenticeships, 1600-1749 Tim Leunig, Chris Minns and Patrick Wallis November 2009
Paper No' CEPDP0956:
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JEL Classification: N3; J2; J6

Tags: apprenticeship; human capital formation; training; migration; networks; uk; early modern

CEP Discussion Paper
Apprenticeship in Europe: 'Fading' or Flourishing? Hilary Steedman
December 2005
Paper No' CEPDP0710:
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JEL Classification: I21; J24

Tags: apprenticeship; dual system; school to work transition

CEP Discussion Paper
The Returns to Apprenticeship Training Steven McIntosh
March 2004
Paper No' CEPDP0622:
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JEL Classification: J24

Tags: apprenticeship; wage equations

CEP Discussion Paper
The Promise of Workplace Training for Non-College Bound Youth: Theory and Evidence from German Apprenticeship Damon Clark and René Fahr March 2002
Paper No' CEPDP0518:
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JEL Classification: C29;J24;J31;J62

Tags: german apprenticeship training; human capital; occupational mobility; wages.