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CEP discussion paper
Information Technology, Organisational Change and Productivity Growth: Evidence from UK Firms
Gustavo Crespi, Chiara Criscuolo and Jonathan Haskel March 2007
Paper No' CEPDP0783:
Full Paper (pdf)

JEL Classification: D24; E22; L22; O31

Tags: information technology; productivity growth; organisational change

We examine the relationships between productivity growth, IT investment and organisational change (?O) using UK firm data. Consistent with the small number of other micro studies we find (a) IT appears to have high returns in a growth accounting sense when ?O is omitted; when ?O is included the IT returns are greatly reduced, (b) IT and ?O interact in their effect on productivity growth, (c) non-IT investment and ?O do not interact in their effect on productivity growth. Some new findings are (a) ?O is affected by competition; (b) US-owned firms are much more likely to introduce ?O relative to foreign owned firms who are more likely still relative to UK firms; (c) our predicted measured TFP growth slowdown for firms who are not doing ?O and/or are in the early stages of IT investment compare well with the macro numbers documenting a UK measured TFP growth slowdown.