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CEE/Education and skills discussion paper
Length of Compulsory Education and Voter Turnout - Evidence from a Staged Reform
Panu Pelkonen
September 2009
Paper No' CEEDP0108:
Full Paper (pdf)

JEL Classification: H23; I21

Tags: education; externalities; voting; school reform

In this study, a long-term impact of additional schooling at the lower end of the educational distribution is measured on voter turnout. Schooling is instrumented with a staged Norwegian school reform, which increased minimum attainment by two years – from seven to nine. The impact is measured at two levels: individual, and municipality level. Both levels of analysis suggest that the additional education has no effect on the turnout rates. At the individual level, the impact of education is also tested on various measures of civic outcomes. Of these, only the likelihood of signing a petition is positively affected by education.