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CEP discussion paper
Whence Reform? A Critique of the Stiglitz Perspective
M Dabrowski, Stanislaw Gomulka and J Rostowski
September 2000
Paper No' CEPDP0471:
Full Paper (pdf)

Tags: transition from communism; capitalism; china; russia; joseph stiglitz; clean slate policy; social capital

This paper discusses the key hypotheses which Joseph Stiglitz proposed, in his wide-ranging critique of the 'Washington Consensus', with regard to transition reforms and economic polices in China and Russia. The primary purpose is to evaluate the Stiglitz perspective in the light of empirical evidence, including the experience of countries outside China and Russia. Although some of the points Stiglitz makes are important for understanding what has happened in the transition, this paper argues that his perspective mis-interprets the key facts of the Chinese transition, mis-describes the facts of the Russian transition and fails to consider the theoretical and policy implications of the success of a 'third model', which is represented by some Central European and Baltic transitions.