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CentrePiece article
In brief...Under pressure: gender differences in responding to exam stakes
Ghazala Azmat, Caterina Calsamiglia and Nagore Iriberri November 2015
Paper No' CEPCP457:
Full Paper (pdf)

CentrePiece 20 (2) Autumn 2015

Tags: stakes; gender gaps; performance

Do girls and boys respond differently to exam pressure, perhaps depending on the subject and whether or not the tests are 'high stakes'? Ghazala Azmat and colleagues consider evidence for secondary school age children in Spain - and its implications for the choices that young men and women make about degree subjects and careers.

This article summarises 'Gender Differences in Response to Big Stakes' by Ghazala Azmat, Caterina Calsamiglia and Nagore Iriberri, CEP Discussion Paper No. 1314 and forthcoming in the Journal of the European Economic Association.