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CentrePiece article
In brief...Parental job loss: the impact on children's school performance
Jenifer Ruiz-Valenzuela
November 2015
Paper No' CEPCP460:
Full Paper (pdf)

CentrePiece 20 (2) Autumn 2015

Tags: parental job loss; school performance; great recession

Unemployment is bad news not just for the individuals who lose their jobs but also for their families. Jenifer Ruiz-Valenzuela examines this underemphasised cost of economic downturns by measuring the impact of parental job loss on children's school results in Spain during the Great Recession.

This article summarises 'Job Loss at Home: Children's School Performance During the Great Recession in Spain' by Jenifer Ruiz-Valenzuela, CEP Discussion Paper No. 1364