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CentrePiece article
In brief: Investing in roads
Nathaniel Baum-Snow, Loren Brandt, J. Vernon Henderson, Matthew A. Turner and Qinghua Zhang
October 2016
Paper No' CEPCP483:
Full Paper (pdf)

CentrePiece 21 (2) Autumn 2016

JEL Classification: F10; N65

Tags: construction; china; ricardian trade models; primate cities

Between 1990 and 2010, China constructed an extensive modern road network, including a national system of limited access highways. Vernon Henderson and colleagues investigate the impact on the growth of Chinese cities and regions.

This article summarises ‘Highways, Market Access and Urban Growth in China’ by Nathaniel Baum-Snow, Loren Brandt, Vernon Henderson, Matthew Turner and Qinghua Zhang, SERC/Urban Programme Discussion Paper No. 200, June 2016.