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CEP election analysis
#GE2017Economists: The Research Evidence on Key Issues for Voters in the 2017 UK General Election
Stephen Machin and Romesh Vaitilingam June 2017
Paper No' CEPEA044:
Full Paper (pdf)

Tags: uk 2017 general election; brexit; nhs; education; immigration; climate change; industrial strategy; regional development; real wages; living standards

The unexpected UK general election of 2017 was intended to be all about Brexit, one that will give the incoming government a mandate to negotiate the terms of the UK’s exit from the European Union (EU). But many other public policy issues have been at the forefront of political and public debate during the campaign. The Centre for Economic Performance (CEP) at the London School of Economics has focused on eight key areas, producing a series of briefings summarising the research evidence and evaluating relevant policy proposals in the party manifestos. This report brings together those briefings – which draw on the work of many CEP researchers and other economists – into one single Election Analysis.

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