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CEP election analysis
#GE2019Economists: the research evidence on key issues for voters in the 2019 UK General Election

December 2019
Paper No' CEPEA056:
Full Paper (pdf)

Tags: uk 2019 general election; uk economy; labour market; brexit economics; immigration; social mobility; education and skills; people; places and politics; housing; energy and climate change; health and social care; policing and crime

The general election of 2019 was called after negotiations over how the UK should leave the European Union became increasingly tortuous. While Brexit may have been the trigger for the election, it was far from being the only issue debated during the campaign. The Centre for Economic Performance has produced 11 briefings covering key issues in the election campaign. These provide impartial, evidence-based analyses of topics and give policy suggestions. The briefings go beyond party manifestos to look at the vital issues that are being overlooked – as well as giving context to what is being discussed.