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Vulnerabilities of Supply Chains Post-Brexit
Jan David Bakker, Nikhil Datta, Josh De Lyon and Elitsa Garnizova
September 2020
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Tags: brexit; uk economy; trade; food and beverage sector

Arla Foods UK has commissioned LSE Consulting's Trade Policy Hub to deliver a study on the vulnerabilities of supply chains in the United Kingdom and the European Union after Brexit. This study provides a follow up to the report LSE Consulting delivered in July 2018 on the impact of Brexit on the dairy sector in the UK. This report takes a broader look at the food and beverage sector rather than dairy specifically and looks at a wider range of potential disruptions and mitigation measures.

The report shows that consumers in the UK are highly dependent on products originating in the EU where 40 percent of all consumption of food products in the UK comes from EU countries, suggesting that UK consumers are highly exposed to changes in the future trading relationship. As a consequence, we can expect that consumers in the EU may also notice increased prices and reduced availability of products from the UK, especially for products for which the UK is an important producer.