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CEP Covid-19 analysis
City of dreams no more, a year on: worklessness and active labour market policies in urban India
Swati Dhingra and Fjolla Kondirolli July 2021
Paper No' CEPCOVID-19-022:
Full Paper (pdf)

Tags: covid-19; urban india; unemployment

This report provides key findings from a new field survey to assess the long-term impact of Covid-19 on urban workers in low-income areas of India. The survey took place during February and March 2021, just before the second wave of the pandemic in India. Long-term unemployment had already started to emerge, with unemployed individuals being out of work for the last six months on average. Employed individuals were working fewer hours and were half as likely to have worked a full year, as before Covid-19. Workers overwhelmingly said that a job guarantee programme would help alleviate their livelihood crisis, and more than various other policy options.