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CEP Insights
Cities and regions
Henry G. Overman
August 2021
Paper No' CEPINS04:

Tags: economic geography; cities; regions; spatial disparities

Economic prosperity is very unevenly distributed across space. What causes some places to be richer and some poorer? Why do these spatial disparities matter - and what can policy do to reduce them? Economists studying urban and spatial economics consider these questions across different countries, developed and developing, and at different spatial scales - cities and regions.

The Insights series is an introduction to the work of the Centre for Economic Performance. While the centre's roots are in labour economics, it has been an interdisciplinary research centre, since it was set up in 1990. Each Insight explains how economists go about investigating the big questions in each topic, the contribution CEP researchers have made to both academic understanding and policy-making - and the questions that are still to be answered.