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Journal article
A happy choice: a response to the responses
Andrew E. Clark, Paul Frijters, Christian Krekel and Richard Layard
April 2020
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Tags: subjective wellbeing; life satisfaction; public policy; political economy; social welfare

We are very happy to see the engagement of so many eminent scholars in our field with our modest proposal for how to proceed with wellbeing policy formation in the UK. We are also heartened by the apparent endorsement of so many of them of the basic goal and essential characteristics of our proposal. Indeed, we see the contributions of John Helliwell, Arie Kapteyn, Mariano Rojas and Alois Stutzer as extensions and further background information to our proposal. Our response is thematic. We first respond to the themes that add further perspective, depth and applicability before going on to the more critical themes that challenge our view.