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Journal article
Income and Population Growth
Markus Brueckner and Hannes Schwandt
December 2015
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Tags: child mortality; fertility; gross domestic product; income; income distribution; population growth; wage

Do populations grow as countries become richer? In this study we estimate the effects on population growth of shocks to national income that are plausibly exogenous and unlikely to be driven by technological change. For a panel of over 139 countries spanning the period 1960-2007, we interact changes in international oil prices with countries' average net-export shares of oil in GDP. Controlling for country and time fixed effects, we find that this measure of oil price induced income growth is positively associated with population growth. The IV estimates indicate that a 1 percentage point increase in GDPper capita growth over a 10-year period increases countries' population growth by around 0.1 percentage points. Furthermore, we find that this population effect results from both a positive effect on fertility and a negative effect on infant and child mortality. © 2015 Royal Economic Society (Registered Charity No. 231508).