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CVER Research Paper
The Recent Evolution of Apprenticeships: participation and pathways
Chiara Cavaglia, Sandra McNally and Guglielmo Ventura
December 2022
Paper No' CVERDP039:
Full Paper (pdf)

Tags: apprenticeship; skills; education; employment; training

The number of apprenticeship starts in England has reduced dramatically in recent years following government reforms and the COVID-19 pandemic. The composition has also shifted from almost complete domination by low and intermediate level apprenticeships to one where higher and degree apprenticeships constitute a significant share (26 per cent in 2020). Even though the number of apprenticeships has decreased, policy changes have likely improved their average quality. One might characterise the changes (at least up until the pandemic) as a substitution of quantity for quality. But this might have come at the cost of less equitable access with, for example, those living in disadvantaged neighbourhoods losing out from these changes.