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CEP Covid-19 analysis
Covid-19 school shutdowns: what will they do to our children's education? Andrew Eyles, Stephen Gibbons and Piero Montebruno
May 2020
Paper No' CEPCOVID-19-001:
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Tags: schools; school closures; covid-19; education; disadvantaged children

Journal article
In search of features that constitute an "enriched environment" in humans: Associations between geographical properties and brain structure September 2017
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Tags: aged; amygdala; anatomy and histology; cingulate gyrus; cross-sectional study; environmental exposure; germany; growth; development and aging; human; middle aged; prefrontal cortex; very elderly; aged; aged; 80 and over; amygdala; cross-sectional studies;

Journal article
Inequality in mortality decreased among the young while increasing for older adults, 1990-2010 May 2016
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Tags: age structure; cohort analysis; mortality; population decline; poverty; research; young population; article; childhood mortality; human; income; infant mortality; life expectancy; mortality; mortality rate; poverty; priority journal; adolescent; age; aged