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CEP discussion paper
Efficient industrial policy for innovation: standing on the shoulders of hidden giants Charlotte Guillard, Ralf Martin, Pierre Mohnen, Catherine Thomas and Dennis Verhoeven November 2021
Paper No' CEPDP1813:
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Tags: research and development; patented innovations; decoupling; targeted industrial policy

CEP discussion paper
Have productivity and pay decoupled in the UK? Andreas Teichgraeber and John Van Reenen
November 2021
Paper No' CEPDP1812:
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Tags: pay; productivity; decoupling; labour share; self-employed

CentrePiece article
Wage stagnation and the legacy costs of employment Brian Bell reveals the downside of special payments to fund deficit gaps in 'defined benefit' company pension schemes Brian Bell
November 2015
Paper No' CEPCP458:
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CentrePiece 20 (2) Autumn 2015

Tags: decoupling; wages; productivity; compensation; labour income share

CEP discussion paper
Decoupling of Wage Growth and Productivity Growth? Myth and Reality Joao Paulo Pessoa and John Van Reenen
October 2013
Paper No' CEPDP1246:
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JEL Classification: E24; J20; J30

Tags: decoupling; wages; productivity; compensation; labour income share.