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CEP discussion paper
The Impact of the Labour Market on the Timing of Marriage and Births in Spain. Maria Gutierrez-Domenech
December 2002
Paper No' CEPDP0556:
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JEL Classification: I20;J12;J13;J18;J20

Tags: duration models; fertility; labour market; education

CEP discussion paper
Fixed-Term Contracts and the Duration Distribution of Unemployment Maia Güell
May 2001
Paper No' CEPDP0505:
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JEL Classification: C41; J63; J64

Tags: cross-sectional data; duration model; turnover

CEP discussion paper
Workers' Transitions from Temporary to Permanent Employment: the Spanish Case Maia Güell and Barbara Petrongolo
January 2000
Paper No' CEPDP0438:
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Tags: permanent contract; temporary contracts; duration model