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Journal article
Monopsony in Labor Markets: A Review Alan Manning
January 2021
Paper No' :
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Tags: monopsony; imperfect competition; labor markets; minimum wages

CEP discussion paper
Generalized linear competition: from pass-through to policy Christos Genakos, Felix Grey and Robert A. Ritz
July 2020
Paper No' CEPDP1709:
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JEL Classification: D43; H23; L51; L93

Tags: pass-through; imperfect competition; regulation; carbon pricing; airlines; political economy

CEP discussion paper
Racial Discrimination and Competition Ross Levine, Alexey Levkov and Yona Rubinstein
August 2011
Paper No' CEPDP1069:
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JEL Classification: J7; J31; D43; D3; G21; G28

Tags: discrimination; imperfect competition; banks; regulation

CEP discussion paper
Productivity Spreads, Market Power Spreads and Trade Ralf Martin
September 2010
Paper No' CEPDP0997:
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JEL Classification: C81; D24; L11; L25

Tags: trade policy; productivity measurement; imperfect competition; productivity dispersion; productivity spread

CEP discussion paper
Imperfect Competition in the Labour Market Alan Manning
May 2010
Paper No' CEPDP0981:
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JEL Classification: J0; J42; J63; J64

Tags: imperfect competition; labour markets; rents; search; matching; monopsony