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Journal article
Job polarization and the declining quality of knowledge workers: Evidence from the UK and Germany Chiara Cavaglia and Ben Etheridge October 2020
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Tags: wages; cognitive ability; job polarization; roy model; task prices

CEP discussion paper
Rise of the machines: the effects of labor-saving innovations on jobs and wages Andy Feng and Georg Graetz
February 2015
Paper No' CEPDP1330:
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JEL Classification: E25; J23; J31; M53; O33

Tags: automation; job polarization; technical change; wage inequality; training

CEP discussion paper
Has Job Polarization Squeezed the Middle Class? Evidence from the Allocation of Talents Michael J. Böhm
May 2013
Paper No' CEPDP1215:
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JEL Classification: J21; J23; J24; J31

Tags: job polarization; wage inequality; talent allocation; roy model