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CEP discussion paper
Quality of life in a dynamic spatial model Gabriel M. Ahlfeldt, Fabian Bald, Duncan Roth and Tobias Seidel
December 2020
Paper No' CEPDP1736:
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JEL Classification: J2; J3; R2; R3; R5

Tags: covid-19; dynamic; housing; migration; rents; pollution; productivity; spatial equilibrium; quality of life; wages; welfare; economic geography; productivity; wages; wellbeing

CentrePiece article
Unequal Britain: How Real Are Regional Disparities? Stephen Gibbons and Henry G. Overman
October 2011
Paper No' CEPCP353:
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CentrePiece 16 (2) Autumn 2011

JEL Classification: J31; J60; R11; R23; R29

Tags: wage; disparities; labour; britain; spatial equilibrium; amenity value; housing market

For further reading, see SERC Discussion Papers No.60, No.65 and No.74
SERC/Urban and Spatial Programme Discussion Paper
Real Earnings Disparities in Britain Stephen Gibbons, Henry G. Overman and Guilherme Resende
January 2011
Paper No' SERCDP0065:
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JEL Classification: J60; R23

Tags: britain; spatial equilibrium; labour market; housing market