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 Current Research Projects

Strand 1: Describing the Further and Vocational Education landscape in England
Access and Returns to Apprenticeships and classroom-based FE Sophie Hedges, Claudia Hupkau, Sandra McNally, Vahé Nafilyan, Jenifer Ruiz-Valenzuela, Stefan Speckesser, Guglielmo Ventura
Review of economic evaluations on the effects of providing careers information and advice Sandra McNally
Describing public and private providers of Vocational Education in England Claudia Hupkau, Guglielmo Ventura

Strand 2: How does vocational education affect individual prosperity, firm productivity and profitability, and economic growth?
Private returns to VE Shantayne Chan, Gavan Conlon, Annette Harms, Steve McIntosh, Damon Morris, Pietro Patrignani,
Post-apprenticeship benefits of individual apprentices to employers Stefan Speckesser, Vahé Nafilyan
Firm-level decision to engage in publicly funded training Gavan Conlon, Pietro Patrignani, Maike Halterbeck, Annette Harms
The impact of vocational education and training on firms: New evidence from linked administrative data Stefan Speckesser
Procuring a Skilled Workforce for the Automotive Sector: International Case Studies of Strategy and Organisation Hilary Steedman, Robert Gray

Strand 3: How can the quantity of 'high quality' vocational education provision be improved?
The value-added of English further education providers Esteban Aucejo, Claudia Hupkau, Jenifer Ruiz-Valenzuela
Leadership and management in FE colleges Jenifer Ruiz-Valenzuela, Camille Terrier
Case study of Apprenticeships in AMRC, University of Sheffield Steve McIntosh
The importance of Maths and English in gaining access to 'high quality' VE routes Stephen Machin, Sandra McNally, Jenifer Ruiz-Valenzuela
Evaluating the effect of UTCs on access to 'good quality' vocational routes and later outcomes Stephen Machin, Sandra McNally, Camille Terrier
The effect of academy schools on vocational education outcomes Andrew Eyles, Claudia Hupkau, Stephen Machin

Strand 4: How do the costs and benefits of vocational education influence individuals' participation decisions?
The demand for VE skills in terms of the tasks undertaken by those vocational qualifications, and the learning choices that individuals make Andy Dickerson, Steve McIntosh, Damon Morris