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CVER Research Paper
Post-Compulsory Education in England: Choices and Implications
Claudia Hupkau, Sandra McNally, Jenifer Ruiz-Valenzuela and Guglielmo Ventura July 2016
Paper No' CVERDP001:
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Tags: vocational education; apprenticeships; progression routes
Tuesday 23 August 2016

This is Money: Tax-free childcare is on the way - but will your family be any better off and how will it compare to childcare vouchers?

The average cost of full-time childcare across the UK for a child under the age of two is £217.57 a week. Part-time care (25 hours, as opposed to the full 50) costs £116.77 a week. Assuming both parents work full-time and get 25 days holiday a year, the average annual bill for 47 weeks of full-time childcare is just over £10,200 and for part-time is close to £5,500. It's hardly surprising then that working mums in lower-paid jobs are being forced to substantially cut their hours or give up work altogether after having a second child, according to a new study from the Centre for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics.

This article was published online by This is Money.co.uk on August 23, 2016
Link to article here

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