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CVER Briefing Note
Post-18 education – who is taking the different routes and how much do they earn?
Jack Britton, Hector Espinoza, Sandra McNally, Stefan Speckesser, Imran Tahir and Anna Vignoles September 2020
Paper No' CVERBRF013:
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Tags: education; further education; higher education; income; outcomes
CVER Briefing Note
What future for apprenticeships after coronavirus?
Guglielmo Ventura
July 2020
Paper No' CVERBRF012:
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Tags: corona virus; covid; pandemic; apprenticeship
CVER Research Paper
Where versus What: College Value-Added and Returns to Field of Study in Further Education
Esteban Aucejo, Claudia Hupkau and Jenifer Ruiz-Valenzuela June 2020
Paper No' CVERDP030:
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Tags: value-added; returns to education; returns to college; field of study; further education; vocational education and training
CVER Research Paper
Gender and Socio-Economic Differences in STEM Uptake and Attainment
Emily McDool and Damon Morris
March 2020
Paper No' CVERDP029:
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Tags: vocational education; stem; gender
CVER Research Paper
The long-term impact of improving non-cognitive skills of adolescents: Evidence from an English remediation programme
Vahé Nafilyan, Stefan Speckesser and Augustin de Coulon March 2020
Paper No' CVERDP028:
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CVER Research Paper
Employee Training and Firm Performance:Quasi-experimental evidence from the European Social Fund
Pedro Martins
March 2020
Paper No' CVERDP027:
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Tags: training subsidies; productivity; counterfactual evaluation
CVER Research Paper
Post-Compulsory Education Pathways and Labour Market Outcomes
Andy Dickerson, Emily McDool and Damon Morris
February 2020
Paper No' CVERDP026:
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Tags: gcse; labour; outcomes; he; neet
CVER Briefing Note
Exploring trends in apprenticeship training around the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy: emerging evidence using a matched apprentice-employer dataset
Alice Battiston, Gavan Conlon, Gavan Conlon, Andy Dickerson, Steven McIntosh and Pietro Patrignani January 2020
Paper No' CVERBRF011:
Full Paper (pdf)

Tags: apprenticeship; apprenticeship levy
CVER Research Paper
Peer Effects and Social Influence in Post-16 Educational Choice
Alice Battiston, Sophie Hedges, Thomas Lazarowicz and Stefan Speckesser January 2020
Paper No' CVERDP025:
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Tags: peer effects; instrumental variables; educational choice; heterogeneous effects
CVER Briefing Note
Inequality in education and labour market participation of young people across English localities:An exploration based on Longitudinal Education Outcomes (LEO) data
Janine Boshoff, Jamie Moore and Stefan Speckesser November 2019
Paper No' CVERBRF010:
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Tags: education; employment or training; inequality; england; small geographies
Friday 27 September 2019

CVER Blog: Is there a socio-economic gap in students’ academic match?

Young people from less well-off backgrounds are more likely to pursue lower ranked upper-secondary qualifications than their prior attainment would suggest that they can achieve.
Recent research from Konstantina Maragkou (University of Sheffield and CVER) examines whether socio-economic inequalities exist in the academic match of students in upper-secondary education.

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